Hearing Aid Evaluation

The decision to seek help with your hearing is a major one. If you or your family perceive a change in your hearing, the first step is to have a comprehensive hearing evaluation in order to determine the severity and type of hearing loss. Your hearing loss may be medically-treatable and your audiologist will make the appropriate referral for ear cleaning, ear infection or other medical conditions of the ears.

If your hearing test reveals a permanent hearing loss, a hearing aid may be recommended for one or both ears. Your audiologist may explain what sounds you are not hearing and what a hearing aid(s) can do to help. Your audiologist will help you choose the best hearing aid(s) style, features and level of sophistication based on your degree of hearing loss, cosmetic requirements, lifestyle, and financial circumstances.

Once you make a decision, the audiologist may take impressions of your ears if you selected custom hearing aids or behind-the-ear hearing aids that require earmolds. Hearing aids must usually be ordered from a manufacturer and then programmed by your audiologist to meet your specific hearing needs. Non-custom hearing instruments can be delivered within a few days, however custom or behind-the-ear hearing aids typically take approximately two weeks.