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Our team of dedicated audiologists and staff are committed to improving the lives of our patients through better hearing. We continually strive to exceed the expectations of our patients and referring physicians through excellent customer service and professional care. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the best possible treatment outcome and a superior patient experience.

Whether you are a first-time patient or longtime hearing aid user, we realize that you have many choices when deciding where to receive hearing services. Making a decision regarding your hearing healthcare has become a confusing, complicated process considering that the average person over age 55 is inundated with informational and marketing materials through the mail as well as through various forms of public media offering free a hearing test, a coupon, or featuring a “national expert”.

As you well know, today’s computer and electronics technology has evolved by leaps and bounds resulting in some amazing features that are now available on cell phones, tablets, computers as well as other electronic devices. Correspondingly, there have been amazing industry-wide improvements in hearing aid technology over what was available even five years ago. There are many great choices in terms of manufacturers, models and styles as well as connectivity with cell phones, tablets etc…. But, which one is right for you? This is where the experienced, university-trained audiologist is essential for the best treatment outcome.

You can buy hearing aids almost anywhere these days, from the local pharmacy, many big box retail stores, large retail hearing aid chains, and online vendors promising significant savings. There are a myriad of options for today’s hearing aid user and deciding where to go is a big decision that can impact the outcome and satisfaction of the hearing aid user.

Before making a final decision, here are some questions to ask yourself.

  • In terms of my hearing healthcare, am I a patient researching hearing healthcare options or am I a consumer shopping for electronics?
  • Who do I “trust” with providing educated, competent hearing healthcare for me and my family?

We believe that we do things better… and this is why